Softeeze Microbead Cushion U/Neck Cow

Softeeze Microbead Cushion U/Neck Cow


A popular U Neck shape micro beads cushion
Cushion size: appx 34cm x 32cm
Colours: White, Pink, and light Blue, fabric painted not printed!

It becomes a `must have` for every journey! Everybody loves it! Without a doubt this is your best support and most comfortable place to lay your head on on the move. Your best companion for your travel whether by air, train, car or boat.
It will stretch and mould into every part of your body in need of support. even keeping you warm on a cold day.

It is just Softastic!
Why our softeeze cushions are so cuddly and huggable?
There are three words to explain it..... materials, materials, materials. Our SOFTEEZE pillows have a great unique shape and use the highest quality materials. The skin or exterior material is made of a new kind of spandex/nylon fabric that makes it durable and stretchable at the same time. But the secret is the revolutionary therapeutic and comfort polystyrene micro-beads. The size makes all the difference. Our pillows contain small beads. Most of our direct competitors are using beads larger than ours and lighter then ours. Our cushions are so cuddly and huggable, you will not want to put them down.

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  • Model: 'softeezeuneck
  • Manufactured by: Mooathon

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