Rocket Science Sports Energia Goggle Smoke Lens

Rocket Science Sports Energia Goggle Smoke Lens


The Rocket goggles series were specifically engineered with the same principles behind our other products – maximizing aero and hydrodynamics.
Designed for both the pool and open water to achieve a combination of ergonomic fit, comfort and individual style.
The lenses provide excellent clarity, UV protection and a tight yet comfortable seal.
The straps are easily adjustable and durable.

Fitting your Goggles:
With goggles in postion on your face. Stretch the headstrap over the back of the head. Headstrap should rest on the crown of the head at about a 45 degree angle to prevent leakage..if leaking persists, continue to make adjustments.

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  • Model: rssenergiasmoke
  • Manufactured by: Rocket Science

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