About Us

About Us

We sell a wide range of multi-sports and physio equipment:
Running, Swimming, Cycling, Triathlon, Fitness, Yoga & Pilates, Injury, Nutrition, Outdoor

We provide the following online Services:
Event Pictures, Event Registration, Buy & Sell, Blogs & Chatboards, Sporty Singles, Fitness Diary

And we organise the following events:
Mooathon, Cupid's Dash, Jail Break, Run the Gauntlet, Santa Dash


Sean McFadden BElecEng MBA AFPA

Founder and CEO of IrishFit
Race Director of the Mooathon
The Cupid's Dash
Author of The Enchanted Land

A qualified Electronic Engineer with an MBA, Sean is also certified in First Aid & CPR, is an AFPA and YMCA Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Spinning Instructor, Sports Conditioning Coach, Irish Waterski Record Holder, and Purple Sash in Lau Gar Kung Fu.

Sean spent 2004 living in Boulder, Colorado, working as a Group Fitness Instructor, Spinning Instructor and Sports Conditioning Coach and training with some of the best athletes in the world before returning home to Ireland and setting up IrishFit Ltd. He especially enjoys helping beginners and seeing them accomplish feats they never would have thought possible. He founded the company in 2005, and coached over 25 people for the Dublin Marathon and also completed his first Ironman race. He now coaches people for marathons on a regular basis and is a regular contributor to irishrunner magazine.
He began doing marathons and triathlons in 2001 but in March 2003 he had a bad crash Waterskiing and required 2 surgeries on his right foot. By July 2004 he was waking up in pain every day and his surgeon told him that he should never run or compete again, but within six months of this diagnosis he completed another 9 Triathlons and a Marathon. He has now completed every distance of Triathlon, from Sprint to Ultra distance.

Recent Races:
2006 Long Distance Duathlon World Championships,
2006 Ironman France,
2006 Dublin City Triathlon,
2006 Ultraman World Championships - First ever Irish Finisher
(6.2m Swim, 261.4m, 52.4m Run)

2007 - The Coastal Challenge - 250km expedition run through the Jungles of Costa Rica (His sister Tara was the youngest competitor ever to take part and the first Irish woman)

2008 - Ironman South Africa
2008 - The Wicklow 200
2008 - adidas 5 miler
2008 - CCC 98km Mont B
lanc Run
2008 - adidas
13 miler
2008 - Mooathon
2009 - Goofy Challenge

2009 - Budapest Marathon
2009 - Dublin Marathon
2009 - Ultraman - Again!

"Don't ever let anyone tell you what you can and can't do. If you want something, go and get it."
"Obsession is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated!"