High 5 Energy Gel x 26

High 5 Energy Gel x 26


EnergyGel is an ultra concentrated sports fuel for instant energy. Race proven in the World's toughest events; it delivers fast energy to endurance athletes. Real fruit juice!

Easy to open, easy to swallow and easy to digest and the natural fruit flavours taste fantastic. It was awarded Best Nutrition Product in 2001 and Best Gel in 2002 Gel of the year 2003 and Best Gel in 2004.

Before formulating EnergyGel, High5 posed this simple question to hundreds of competitive athletes; tell us what you think of current gels. Their reply "too sweet, too sticky in the mouth and they contain too much water. A refreshing fruit juice taste would also be appreciated"

After years of research with a team of dedicated athletes, EnergyGel was formulated with a unique blend of simple carbohydrates for instant energy and complex carbohydrates for sustained energy release. High5 EnergyGel a 4th generation gel, ultra concentrated, light to carry and easy to use. EnergyGel is not too sweet and not so thick that it sticks to your mouth when you're dry. EnergyGel contains all the electrolytes essential to maximise fluid and carbohydrate uptake and it comes in a range of refreshing natural fruit flavours.

High5 Energy Gel is an ideal energy fuel for any athlete who is looking for a clean, natural source of energy, it is suitable for vegetarians and is GMO FREE. Whether you're a Footballer, Rugby Player, Swimmer, Triathlete, Cyclist, Mountain Biker, Runner, Tennis Player, Adventure Racer, Climber, Skier, In-Line Skater or a Member of the Armed Forces High5 Energy Gel is light, effective and easy to consume even in the hottest and coldest of conditions. With a High5 EnergyBelt or TrailBelt, you can easily carry enough gel to fuel hours of all-out effort.

Critical to peak performance High5 Energy Gel contains the electrolytes sodium and potassium, which are essential to the process of metabolizing carbohydrates and for the proper functioning of muscles.
Magnesium - The loss of magnesium through sweat can bring fatigue and muscle cramps because of the role the mineral plays in controlling muscle contraction and regulating the conversion of carbohydrates to energy.
Sodium - Studies indicate that rehydration occurs at a faster rate when electrolytes such as sodium are consumed during exercise.
Potassium - This mineral is the major electrolyte found in all of your body's cells. It plays an important role in the transmission of signals to nerve impulses, muscle cell contraction and overall maintenance of your cardiovascular system.
Energy Gel Flavours: BananaBlast, CitrusBurst, JuicyOrange, RaspberryRush, SummerFruits, SmoothChocolate, Green Apple, Caribean Crush.
Sizes: 38g Sachet

Energy Gel Consumer Advantages:

1. Pure carbohydrate for instant energy
2. Performance proven in the World’s toughest races
3. Real fruit flavour for a natural refreshing taste
4. Awarded Best Product in 2001 and Best Gel in 2002, 2003,2004
5. Gentle on the stomach and easily metabolised, even when you’re racing hard
6. 23g of Highly concentrated carbohydrate, therefore light & easy to carry
7. Lets you race with what you know, not with what you’re given
8. 38g size for controlled carbohydrate intake
9. Contains electrolytes for maximum water and carbohydrate absorption
10. Light taste and easily swallowed
11. Not thick, so that even when cold and it won’t stick to your mouth
12. Easy twist neck with a controlled flow opening
13. Natural source of carbohydrate suitable for vegetarians and GMO free
14. Lightweight EnergyBelt to carry gels (see accessories)
15. 125 ml Gel Flask for one-handed dispensing of gel e.g. while on bike (see accessories)

BananaBlast, CitrusBurst, JuicyOrange, RaspberryRush, Summer Fruits, Caribean Crush, Green Apple, SmoothChocolate,

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